A victim is a person, who has been wronged, abused, persecuted, or suffered a loss. Victims of physical, emotional, and mental abuse represent the clients (patients, offenders and others) that the following, “victim tests” are designed to screen, evaluate, or assess.

By definition, victims can, unintentionally, create unusual, evaluation circumstances. Evaluator feelings (e.g. empathy, sympathy, compassion, kindness, concern, etc.) can, inadvertently, hinder or impede objective assessment. For example, evaluators may minimize, or even, avoid assessing or evaluating victim’s truthfulness, violence, substance abuse, or suicide proneness. Yet, these areas of inquiry may warrant assessment. The victim tests discussed, in this website, explore many of these topics, but in a professional manner.

All tests discussed, in this website, contain a Truthfulness Scale to determine the patient’s truthfulness, when tested, along with an Alcohol Scale and a Drug Scale. Other scales are included to fill out each test's highly, individualized profile.
Juvenile and adult “victim tests” are set forth by name, and that test's name is a link to that test's website. To begin your search, click on the link of your choice.